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This show is hosted by Calvin Hogue, founder and President of MFB. The purpose of this
broadcast is to highlight the efforts and achievements  of those who are committed to  developing
an environment where we live in harmony with nature. It is important to hear what businesses,
environmental organizations, groups and individuals are doing to help the earth recover.
Dr Cristiana Palmer was recently appointed as the Executive
Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity. She took time
from her busy schedule to update us on  the progress of the UNDB
and to show support for our organization.
"Let me congratulate you , when I read about Musicians
for Biodiversity I said that is such an interesting and
innovative way to communicate Biodiversity."
                        Dr. Cristiana Palmer
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In July of 2017 Netflix released a documentary titled “Chasing Coral” a film produced by Exposure
Labs. This is a project that took more than 3 years to film and involved more than 500 hours under
water. It includes footage from more than 30 countries.

Zack Rago is an underwater camera technician involved in the making of this film, and very
passionate about coral reefs and what they mean to us. Zack will speak to us about Coral reefs
and how they are affected by Climate Change.

The release of this film and even this interview could not be more timely, considering the
unprecedented and devastating weather events that just recently took place here in the U.S. You
can’t afford to miss this.
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